Beam Suntory Sprint And Sip


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The annual “Sprint And Sip” is a marketing program created by EventLink to support Beam Suntory’s initiatives. This annual program celebrates a passion for cocktails, the great outdoors, and spirited competition. This is a team relay race and feature picturesque trails that runners embark on. EventLink coordinated the experience and provided runners with lively music, social distancing lounge areas for each team, touchless race kits, to-go snacks and beverages before a warm-up and race. After the race, guests relax and recharge with a Beam Suntory crafted cocktail to celebrate their team and the event. Awards and prizes are announced at that time as well. EventLink brings together the event in support of their client and brands initiatives.


• Design of campaign and display assets
• Programing creation of RSVP portal
• Submission management
• Food and beverage ordering and distribution
• Branded giveaway gifting kits for touchless distribution
• Program headquarters call center service