Vehicle Logistics Manager

Carson, CA



Los Angeles Porsche Experience Center


Logistic Team

Reports to:

Chief Instructor, Assistant Chief Instructor, PEC Team Lead

Position Objective:

The role of the Vehicle Logistics Team Lead is to oversee operations for the fleet of approximately 79 vehicles at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. This includes all vehicle scheduling, safety checks, fueling, delivery, detailing and staging. In doing so, they will ensure that best practices are always utilized in every possible event to ensure that Porsche remains the most aspirational brand in the USA.


Experience Center Development (in conjunction with Team Director and Chief Instructor)

  1. Design processes for handling the programs offered
  2. Follow and further develop / adjust the logistics process manual
  3. Co-development of best in class safety procedures
  4. Co-development of daily operations and procedures

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in logistics team hiring, development, document training and testing and scheduling
  2. Prepare for on time opening as well as ensuring commercial and operational guidelines are adhered to at all times
  3. Manage the team efficiently in leading by examples. This means the logistic manager needs to be a full part of the team working on the ground moving cars and controlling vendors and safety relevant job duties
  4. Weekly check of PVMS to control and plan for incoming new fleet cars
  5. Maintain the PCNA Fleet System to put cars in and take cars out of service
  6. Control vehicle movement in and out of the atrium with highest attention to customer and museum cars
  7. Ensure fleet numbering and vehicle key tags are up to date at all times
  8. Controlling and supporting the used tire pickup with sufficient photo documentation. Liaison with workshop.
  9. Coordination with Sales Operation for pickup of retired fleet cars and with Port for delivery of new cars

Vehicle Logistics Team Manager

  1. Delivering vehicles and or staging them as appropriate for service or detail / wash
  2. Communicating demand flow, schedules and expectations with Car wash
  3. Coordinating fuel delivery
  4. Conducting maintenance and repair on non-factory equipment such as Cameras, lap timers, Decals, Glass tint, etc.
  5. Vehicle transportation logistics
  6. Ensure that all compliant and liability relevant logs and documentation is followed at all times, like
  • Fleet list log
  • Tire inventory log
  • Tire invoice log
  • Tire scraping reports (in liaison with workshop)
  • Off-premise log / vehicle transport documentation
  • Mileage log
  • Vehicle check-in and check-out forms
  1. Collaborate with workshop on items such as:
  • Routine Maintenance – fault messages, twisted seat belts, dents, …
  • Tire replacement (support tire in time delivery and disposal)
  • Brake pad and Brake rotor disposal
  • Wheel Exchanges / repair
  • Organize and prepare quarterly fleet condition meetings
  1. Collaborate with Car Wash:
  • Ensure sufficient and effective communication between both teams
  • Define processes to allow expected cleanliness of all cars at all times
  • Verify submitted invoices by cross checking them with provided vehicle check list that is setup on a 4 eyes principal
  1. Ensure that following compliant and liability relevant process are conducted regularly
  • Daily (every time moving a car) tire pressure check and adjustment when necessary
  • Weekly wheel bolt check and mileage reporting
  • Weekly fleet safety checks
  • Weekly fleet update Email to all teams
  1. Ensure following items are ordered in time
  • Tires
  • Fuel
  • Consumption materials for logistic and instructor team
  • Team uniforms




High school diploma required.

Experience (Job and Industry):

  • 5+ years vehicle service experience required
  • 5+ years motorsports or customer driving event experience
  • 2+ years management experience


  • Proficient computer skills in all Microsoft office applications, especially Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to manage and oversee several activities at once
  • Ability to effectively motivate and lead a team of 2-6 team members
  • Ability to manage others effectively
  • Ability to manage through others effectively
  • Ability to delegate responsibility
  • Proficient working in a multi-cultural environment


  • Detail Oriented
  • Analytical
  • Project Management
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Planning and Organization
  • Customer Focus

Full-time Employee Benefits Include:

  • Healthcare & Welfare benefits, including dental, for employee, plus partial contribution for family members, along with vision coverage at no cost
  • 401k pension plan with company matching o Employee stock purchase plan
  • Disability, life insurance, and workman’s compensation