Becker Conference Event Series



Eventlinkconceptualized and built a tradeshow display plus onsite experiential activities for Becker Professional Education. We were tasked with creating a conference experience not only to reflect the organization’s rebranding but also could be flexible between student and faculty- focused and to encourage promotion and utilization for professional test studies. The key goals of this project were to create an eye-catching display and an engaging activity with the opportunity to showcase Becker’s high-level, educational content.   In turn we provided a vibrant space alongside a custom-developed digital quiz to put a playful spin on the new Becker educational software. Guests to the space were encouraged to take this ‘Preparedness Quiz’ for a chance to open a custom-branded locker. Each locker contained a tiered premium, the better their performance on the quiz, the higher tier of locker they will be eligible to open. Students and faculty alike left feeling rewarded after time spent with the Becker brand.


CreativeLead ManagementDigitalExperiential
• Custom lead generation and questionnaire portal development
• Tradeshow display conceptualization, rendering and design
• Production and fabrication
• Branded engagement development
• Program management

Lead Generation & Questionnaire Platform

EventLink’s ODC platform is an all-in-one lead management tool. It includes all needed hardware, as well as our back-end lead management software platform. ODC is designed for easy customization to ensure the data you want,is the data we collect – all inside your Brand. Once collected, data is securely delivered to your CRM system, as well as Glimpse, our proprietary analytics platform. This was used for Becker lead generation and for the interactive ‘Preparedness Quiz’.