Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Track Tour


2000 +
Performance Drives


Kicking off the second year of a three-year initiative for EventLink, the Alfa Romeo tour will visit four high-performance drive events at major race facilities in the United States. Consumers are invited via an intercept strategy to drive any of the two Alfa products on-site; Stelvio or Giulia. At select tracks guests will also be invited for a performance lap around the track given by our professional drive team.  In 2019, we engaged over 2,000 consumers on our autocross-style drives and performance laps.


Lead ManagementExperiential
  • Contract negotiation and execution with all racing partners
  • Creative design and development
  • Vehicle maintenance and logistics
  • Staff procurement
  • Travel accommodations
  • Autocross course design and layout
  • Consumer test drives
  • Performance laps given by our professional Alfa Romeo drive team